Dewata Silver bottle-pendant with Amethyst stone. Handcrafted pendant keeper with ornaments and gemstone. Silver pendant, tobacco keeper.


Shipping to United States: $30.00

Om Swastiasty dear friends and welcome to "Dewata Studio" we ready to present new style full silver bottle pendant.

Silver pendant bottle with Amethyst stone.

As you can see, every point and part of the ornament in the decor is completely hand-made accurate work where instead of glue, natural natural seed material «Piling piling» is used, and also this bottle-pendant is decorated with natural Amethyst stone.

Outside diameter: approx. 1cm (0.4inch.)
Height: approx. 3cm (1.1inch.)
Vol.approx. 2gr

Hight quality full handwork our artist Pak Mamat.

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