Handmade Dark Sono wood Sadhu Nail Board or Prana Nail Board for Meditation /Yoga/ Standing on Nail Board / Foot Reflexology / best for Gift


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Om Swastyastu

Introducing our new Collection " Sadhu or Prana Board"

Meditating on boards can improve emotional and physical strength, focus and overall wellness. According to Chinese and Indian Ayurveda medicines, feet have hundreds of acupressure points responsible for energy flow, relaxation, and wellness of the entire body. This practice originated in Indian tradition known as "Sadhu" boards or "bed of nails" over 2,000 years ago.

This Board is a made from selected dark sono wood with vertically driven spiky wood. Spiky wood on the board effect the acupuncture points on the feet, this helps to increase the efficiency of our body systems, improve blood circulation, increase vitality, a surge of vigor and energy, as well as improve overall well-being and mood.

The board consists of two parts, one for each leg. When it's folding, the nails hide in the grooves on the opposite board. The board convenient to store, easy to carry and take with you on trips or outdoors.

Distance between nails 10mm good for beginners
Length. : 11.5 inch (29 cm)
Width. : 5.3 inch (13.5 cm)
Weight : 834 gram

Om Shanty Om

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