Balinese Style "Chakra" Exclusive Handcraft Silver Pendant Black Sapphire, Blue Sapphire Unisex Collectible Weapon Necklace, Sacred Jewelry


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Om Swastyastu dear friends!

Introducing new style handcrafted pendant “Chakra” from "Senjata" collection

This "Chakra" pendant is handmade from high quality of Balinese Sterling silver, decorate with 16 piece of blue Sapphire stone around the pendant and in the middle of the chakra we put black Sapphire gemstone symbolic the black color of North Side.

"CHAKRA" (Sudarsana) is weapon of Dewa Wisnu who take care of North side in Balinese "Gods Mandala" and have black color (about it we decided use black sapphire gemstones)

Chakra is the first pendant of our "Senjata" collection, our plans are to create a complete collection of the nine Gods Mandala who each of them has different role, color and weapon.

When we create "Senjata" collection we would like to introduce the culture, uniqueness and power of Bali to the world.

Size in inch:
Height : 4.2cm. (1.6 inch.)
Width : 4.2cm. (1.6 inch.)
Weight. : 15grams
Woman Necklace : diameter 2mm
Man Necklace : diameter 3.5mm

We create everything with love and gratitude. From orders we plant trees for compensation to nature. (Videos about it you can have a look in our Instagram: )

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Another version of "Cakra" Pendant with different Colour

The other pendant in "Sejata" collection



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Om Shanty

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