Get acquainted with our works. Here you can familiarize yourself with examples of already created individual Kuripe and Tepi and moments from the life Dewata Studio.

Photoshoot ancient Balinese style with the most expensive Tepi pipe in the world.

Kuripe for Sale.Wholesale Kuripe and Tepi order. Regular kuripies and Tepies and Single wooden blocks. Kuripi Tipi for wholesale from "Dewata Studio"

"Nostradamus" Kuripe with silver and gemstones and chakras stones on the back side. Kuripies for sale.

Most expensive Tepi in the world, unique tool from unique materials.

"Infinity Snake" Kuripe and "Kambo Frog" Kuripe pipe with gemstones and silver.

Wholesale Kuripe and Tepi order from "Dewata Studio". Kuripe Tepi for Sale

"Vine" Kuripe Tepi set. Silver wood and gemstones Kuripe and Tepi.

Our record. Larger hand painted ceremonial carpet.

Dewata Studio planting a trees for compensation to nature.

Exclusive personalised order "Dragon Bali" Kuripe, Tepi, Altar mat.

Collectible ceremonial Kuripe Tepi set. "Balinese Dragon". Exclusive set made from Black wood with moldavite gemstones and silver.

Collectible Kuripe No.60 Sacred wood, Silver, Gemstones

Dewata Studio team in Christmas. How usually all celebrate we planting trees.

~ 250 kuripies for wholesale. Dewata Studio. 250 kuripe for sale.

Collectible Kuripe No. 38 Sandal wood, crystal, Silver, Gemstones

Collectible Kusripe No.20 "Bull Snake" Brass, Labradorite, Garnet, Ebony wood.

Collectible Kuripe #41 Sacred Sandal Wood, Amethyst Blue Topaz

Collectible Kuripe No.36 Crocodile Wood, Snake, owl, hand carving

Collectible Kuripe No.40 "Gajah" Cempaka wood, Rainbow Moonstone , Blue Topaz and silver

Collectible Tepi No.30 "Chinese Dragon" Cempaka wood, Hand carving silver, Garnet stones amd Amethyst stone .

Collectible Number No.29 "Barong Bali" Suar wood, and painted by our artist

Collectible Tepi No.28 "Naga" Cempaka wood, Blue Sapires, Lava Stones and silver

Collectible Kuripe No.27 "Hanoman" Cempaka wood, Garnet and silver

Collectible Kuripe No. 26 "Yin Yang" Ebony wood, Silver, Black Onyx, Moonstone , Balinese ornament .

Collectible Kuripe No.25 "Capricorn" Ebony wood, Cooper and titanium .

Collectible Kuripe No.24 Stigi wood, Amethyst from Kalimantan, and silver

Collectible Kuripe No.23 "Salty Quartz" Ebony wood , Rose Quartz and silver

Collectible Kuripe No.17 'Sterling Silver Fish" Stigi wood, 30 Blue Topaz stone, and sterling silver

Collectible Kuripe No.14 "Rune Windu" Stigi wood , brass, Moonstone

Collectible Kuripe No.11 "Mandala Moonstone" Crocodile wood, Silver, Garnet and Moonstone

Collectible Kuripe No.10 "Mandala" Art kuripe 27 stones mandala, Crocodile and Stigi wood, Silver, Garnet, Aventurine, yellow agate

Collectible Tepi No. 42 Ebony wood, Silver, Blue Topaz, Shell Pearl.

Kuripe "Fibonacci" Black wood single block.

Kuripe & Tepi Set with box and altar carpet.

Kuripe "Double Dragon" Black Ebony wood, Silver, Crystal, Garnet stones. Special Custom order.

Wholesale Kuripies and Teppies Shipping Day in "Dewata Studio"

"Dewata Studio" Planting a trees for compensating to nature.

Collectible Tepi No.9 Ebony wood, Black Onyx, Silver, Shell pearl.

Tea time in "Dewata Studio"

First Dewata Collectible Kuripies.

Mix Kuripe

Collectible Kuripe "Dewata" White Agar wood, Silver ornament, amethyst stone. Single block.

Collectible Kuripe No. 6 Ebony black wood, Labradorite, silver.

Collectible Kuripe No.18 "Double Dragon" Ebony black wood, silver, garnet stone.

Collectible Kuripe No. 19 Sandal wood, Silver Dragon, Crystal, Garnet stone.

Collectible Kuripe No.7 Sandal wood, Obsidian stone, silver.

Collectible Kuripe No. 21 "Kalobang" Peridot, Blue star american stone.

Collectible Kuripe No. 1 Ebony Wood, Silver Snake.

Collectible Kuripe No. 41 Sandal wood, Silver, Amethyst, Blue topaz.

Collectible Kuripe No. 39 Sandal wood, Silver, Garnet stones.

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