Ceremonial Kuripe “Trisula” (Senjata Collection). Dewa "Sambhu" Weapon Kuripe, Exclusivex Handcrafted Rapé Applicator, Unisex Kuripe Pipe

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Om Swastyastu dear friends!

We present new collection “Senjata” and second kuripe from this collection “Trisula”

Senjata on a local language means Weapon, and “Trisula” is the weapon of Dewa Sambhu in Balinese culture.

In the Balinese culture, each of the nine gods has its own side of the world, its own color and personal weapon that protects us in this world.

Our plans are to create a complete collection of nine weapons of the gods.
And now we present second Kuripe from this collection, this is the weapon "Trisula", the "Trisula" of Dewa Sambhu, which denotes the North East side on the «Wheel of Gods» (Dewata Nawa Sanga), and has a blue color.
We specially selected a piece of Special wood for Kuripe and Azurite stone inside the “Trisula”.
it's made from 80 grams of high quality Balinese Sterling silver.
Exclusive work of “Dewata Studio”

Kuripe size (Approx.):
Height 8,5cm/3,4inch
Width (In the widest pat) 5cm./2inch.

We create everything with love and gratitude. From orders we plant a trees for compensation to nature. (Videos about it you can look in our Instagram: Instagram.com/dewatastudio1 )

If you have questions just text to us.

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