Balinese Ceremonial Wand with Exclusive Sacred Wood, Shamanic Stick for Altar keeper. Magic wand. Exclusive Shamanic Ceremonial Wand.

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Om Swastyastu dear friends🙏

Dewata studio presents new sacred exclusive handcrafted wand.

Balinese Mandala’s are sacred pieces of artwork which are used to evoke healing, spiritual development and meditation. The word Mandala means ‘sacred circle’ and is derived from the word ‘mandra’ which means ‘container of essence’. This circle or ‘container of essence’ is said to represent wholeness, health, connection, unity, harmony and the cycle of life. It is also said to symbolize being one with life, going with the flow and reflecting inward.

This wand made from a sacred "Sulaiman" wood, it's give to us from our Balinese healer friend at "Batu Karu" temple from deep of the Lombok island. And we don't know where can more found this exclusive piece of wood.
Suleiman wood is very very solid wood, and have a mystic properties how our friend, its main task is to protect its owner from black magic. "Suleiman" wood only grows on "Mount Suleiman" and it is very difficult to get there because of the snakes that guard the mountain, therefore the presented piece of wood is considered truly unique.

Decorated with gemstones with Balinese sacred Mandala meaning of Balinese Gods and like flowers in Balinese offerings for gods with cardinal direction:
"Black Sapphire" - Dewa Wisnu - North
"Ruby" - Dewa Brahma - South
"Moonstone" - Dewa Iswara - East
"Yellow Agate" - "Mahadewa" - West
"Labradorite" in the center downside means "Siwa"
and Crystal on the top.

The silver ornaments are made with "Tatahan" this is an ancient traditional Balinese technique of working with silver, when the ornaments is tapped with the small hammer on silver, pure crystal and garnets stones are add in snake eyes.

Size of Wand:
Length approx. 16cm. (6,3inch.)
Diameter approx 3,5 cm. (1,3inch)

Om shanti

We create everything with love and gratitude. From orders we plant a trees for compensation to nature. (Videos about it you can look in our Instagram: )

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Wow!! The packaging was beautiful and the wand is very special 🙏🏼

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