Chinese Dragon's pearl Statue, Balinese Aromatic Wood, Exclusive hand carved gift, Shamanic altar keeper, sculpture altar & meditation tools


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"Balinese Aroma Wood Statue Chinese Dragon's Pearl"

The story of the dragon's pearl is one of the oldest and most well known tales in Chinese folklore. It is set in a rural province of central China, called Sze Chuan. Under the rule of a greedy and corrupt emperor, the people of this province were desolate with hunger and thirst. There was barely sign of life, let alone vegetation.
A boy finds a field of grass, which grows back each time he ploughs it. He digs up a turf to take home and under it finds a pearl. When he takes the pearl home and hides it in a sack of rice the field dies but the rice sack overflows. He and his mother share their good fortune with their neighbours and in time the emperor hears about it. The boys hides the pearl by swallowing it – and becomes a dragon who from then on protects the land and its people.

The pearl is a symbol of wisdom, spiritual energy and power and the dragon represents prosperity and good luck as well.

This Chinese Dragon's Pearl Statue is made from high quality White Balinese Aromatic Wood, Amazing Strong and pleasant aroma of the typical sandalwood. Hand carved with Balinese traditional knife, intricately Hand carved, Best Quality statue- Intricate detailing on all sides. Comes with exclusive glass box.

it's best for worship at your home temple, altar keeper, sculpture altar, to enhance your guest room's beauty, increase value of you antique collection, show piece, as well as an exclusive gift for your loved ones.

Size in inches without box.
Hight : 17.2
Wide : 5.11
Thickness : 5.11
Weight : 1300gr.

Size in inches with box.
Hight : 21.85
Wide : 6.9
Thickness : 6.9
Weight : 3655gr.

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