Antique Dedap or Coral Tree Fossil with Hand Carved Dark Sono Wood Base, The Best Gift for loved one

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Introducing our new member "DEDAP FOSSIL WOOD"

Fossil wood, also known as fossilized tree, is wood that is preserved in the fossil record. Over time the wood will usually be the part of a plant that is best preserved (and most easily found). Fossil wood may or may not be petrified, in which case it is known as petrified wood or petrified tree.
Petrified wood are fossils of wood that have turned to stone through the process of permineralization. All organic materials are replaced with minerals while maintaining the original structure of the wood.

Dedap Wood or Indian Coral Tree or Erythrina Indica Variegata, is a medicinal plants. The bark can be used to treat fever, liver problems, dysentery, also been used to treat rheumatism, as a painkiller in toothache and to promote the expulsion of phlegm from the respiratory passages, The leaves are used to improve appetite, to promote sleep, to control fever as well as to remove phlegm, among other uses.

This Dedap Fossil is found by a friend at sacred forest in Tabanan Bali.

Size in inches without the base.
Hight : 5.5
Wide : 3.75
Thickness : 0.78
Weight : 429gr.

Size in inches with the base.
Hight : 6.69
Wide : 4.72
Thickness : 1.57
Weight : 600gr.

We create everything with love and gratitude. From orders we plant trees for compensation to the nature. (Videos about it you can look in our Instagram: )

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