Sterling Silver Rapé Bottle Pendant with Blue Sapphire Gemstone for Tobacco Keeper.


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Om Swastyastu dear friends

Welcome to "Dewata Studio"

Introducing our new style of full silver bottle pendant with Blue Sapphire gemstone.

A stylish Rapé bottle, designed to store rapé and can be taken anywhere.
As you can see, every point and part of the ornament in the decor is completely hand-made accurate work where instead of glue we used natural seed (Piling piling) to
stick it together, and this bottle-pendant is made from 14 gram hight quality Balinese sterling silver decorated with Blue Sapphire gemstone.

This masterpiece is made by Mr.Mamat.

Outside diameter : approx. 1.5cm (0.59 inch.)
Height. : approx. 3.4cm (1.33 inch.)
Vol. : approx. 2. gram

We create everything with love and gratitude. From orders we plant a trees for compensation to nature. (Videos about it you can look in our Instagram: )

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Another version of the Rapé Bottle.
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