Dewata Exclusive Art Kuripe“Mandala Bali”27 Gemstones/Collectible kuripe/Silver,Garnet,Yellow Agate, Avanturine /Ceremonial pipe/Kuripi pipe

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Om swastyastu. Dewata Studio is pleased to provide information for you about this sacred product.
Mandala collection. Exclusive Art Kuripe for your altar place. 27 stones 9/3 sides. 2+7=9 Magic of numbers.
Collectible pipe Kuripe (Kuripi) "Mandala Bali" Collectible No.10.

Handcrafted Mandala made from crocodile wood and pipe made from Stigi wood (Rare Balinese wood).
Decorate with silver and 27 gemstones stones: 9 pcs. garnet, 9 pcs. aventurine, 9 pcs. yellow agate.

Diameter of Mandala 1,96 inch./ 5cm thickness 1,57 inch / 4cm.

Handcraft accurate work.
Artist: Made Budiassa (Dewata studio)

With color handcraft gifrt box 🎁

Exclusive single copy.


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