First Kuripi, what will it be?

Classic version or something exclusive? 

Which Kuripi to pick up as a gift to a person who has never had one?

 We will now answer these questions.

 When choosing the first Kuripi pipe, you need to pay attention to many details, starting from the materials from which it is made to their place of origin, quality.  Connoisseurs also pay attention to the opening width for a rough understanding of the air flow rate.

 For beginners, it comes over time which flow is ideal for which variety of Rapé or universal for their needs.

 You can also see the compatibility of your zodiac sign with certain tree species and precious stones and metals.  (For a detailed individual calculation, you can contact Dewata Studio, and we will professionally do it for you. Just write to us here or in any available source of communication)

 The classic version is more suitable for group Rapé ceremonies or retreats, and such a Kuripi in the future remains with a person as a talisman and amulet at the end of the event (By the way, Dewata Studio makes wholesale orders of Kuripi and Teepee, to get a price list just contact us in a convenient way)  ...

 They buy an exclusive option to replenish their collection, but there are also those who, from the first tube, have an exclusive Kuripi in their arsenal, it is especially pleasant to make such a gift to a person ...

 So we moved on to the topic of the Kuripi tube gift, such a gift definitely creates the Wow effect at any events, it is exclusive, status and unusual to give or receive such a gift.  (In Dewata Studio, you can personalize any product and pack it exclusively in designer handmade gift boxes.)

 If you have not yet decided on the choice of your first, or maybe not the first Kuripi, just write to us, and together we will do it efficiently and professionally.

 With Gratitude Dewata Studio

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