First Tepi pipe...

 If the choice falls on the purchase of the first Tepi (or Tipi) pipe, then you have seriously immersed yourself in the process of the Rapé tradition, and therefore you need to consider such an accessory primarily as a working tool, since it is through this instrument that you will enter the human space and work with him, and  here you need to think not only about you, but also about the other person who will look from their side, visually and spiritually.

 As in the case of the Kuripe pipes, you can use different Tepies for different purposes and ceremonies, if you wish, you can use your own Tepi for each type of Rapé.

 Remember that this is your part during the Rapé ceremony, choose Tepi consciously.

 (Also, if you want to receive professional advice on the selection of a Tepi, just contact us in a convenient way)

Collectible Tepi No.42 from Ebony wood, Silver, Blue Topaz stone and shell pearls.

 With Gratitude "Dewata Studio"