Hello dear Friends!

  We want to start with the fact that all trees on earth are sacred, and some varieties got this name due to their oily texture, these varieties include Palo Santo, Sandalwood, Agar, Sechang and other varieties with an oily texture.  It is believed that the oily texture is less likely to mold the inside of the tube.  With our own experience and proper storage of the Kuripe and Tepi pipes, there is no difference.  Many trees have a very beautiful texture but do not belong to the class of "Sacred trees" such as, Ebony, coconut tree, tamarind with veins resembling rivers ...

 Therefore, the choice here consists only of your personal needs ... At the moment Dewata Studio produces Kuripe and Tepi from more than 10 types of wood that we compensate for nature and periodically plant new ones.  You can watch the video about this on our Instagram.  And if you have any questions about Kuripi and Teepee, we will be happy to answer them.

 With Gratitude "Dewata Studio"