Dewata creative studio is based in the “spiritual capital of Bali” Ubud.

 Here we produce sacred items for ceremonies, mainly pipes for Rapé (Hapeh) Kuripe (Kuripi) and Tepi (Tipi), as well as accompaniments to them, wooden bottles, spoons, wooden boxes, altar mats, that can be assembled into sets. 

Wholesale order Kuripe and Tepi Dewata Studio

We are engaged in the production of collectible Kuripe and Tepi pipes and regular models that have proven themselves in large quantities on the market.

Wholesale Kuripe and Tepi classic style. Dewata Studio.

 These are composite Kuripe and Tepi from various valuable species of trees and a variety of pipes created from a single block of wood in the form of totems, talismans, animals and much more.  

Single Block Kuripies wholesale. Dewata Studio

Wholesale regular Kuripies.

We are constantly developing and expanding our production and trying new technologies that improve the quality of products. 

We have our own small store, but our main priority is wholesale production for stores around the world.  

We also accept orders for individual production of Kuripi and Tepi, from design creation to delivery.  

Creating process single block Kuripies. Fibonacci style. (c) Dewata Studio

Preparing wholesale Shipping sacred tools from Dewata Studio.

We set the world standards for the production of Kuripe and Tepi and are very pleased to cooperate with our friends. Join and you🙏

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 And do not hesitate to contact us for any questions related to the production of Kuripi and Teepee in any convenient way.

Dewata Studio team plant a trees.